Auditing and Informatics Services Company Limited

Informatics Service

Giving advices on choosing informatics equipments, designing and installing computer network.

Providing with informatics equipments.

Supplying financial accounting software, managerial accounting for businesses operating in different sectors:

  • AISC : Accounting software for production, trading, services and construction businesses

  • AISC – REAL : Accounting software for real estates investment businesses

  • AISC – HOT : Accounting software for businesses rendering hotel, restaurant services

  • AISC – IF : Accounting software for city, provincial fund for investment and development

  • AISC - SALE : Sale management software

  • AISC - MAR : Supermarket management software

  • AISC - CON : Construction estimates software

  • AISC - RES : Software for human resources and salary calculation

Giving consultancy and support for businesses in choosing and using effectively their management softwares.


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