Auditing and Informatics Services Company Limited

Audit and Assurance

Audit and assurance services are strengths building AISC’s brand name.

Prevailing Vietnamese Auditing Standards, generally accepted international standards and practices, code of ethics are regulations that all AISC’s staff must comply with.

Our audit objective always associates with support of information, consultancy for perfecting your internal system, your accounting structures, financial management, protecting your legal rights and secrets. With our practical experiences, we are ready to provide all businesses with the best-quality services.

Audit and assurance services include:

  • Statutory financial statements audit;

    • Tax purposed financial statements audit;

    • Operation audit;

    • Compliance audit;

    • Internal control audit;

    • Financial information review on the agreed upon procedures;

    • Audit of construction project budget and finalization;

    • Audit of capital investment estimates;

    • Review of financial statements.


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