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Our Customers


  1. Foreign invested company:

  • Phu My Hung Company.

  • Liksin Joint Venture Company.

  • Panko Vina Company.

  • Lam Ha Joint Venture Company.

  • Kwong Lung Meko Company.

  • Kosvida Company.
  • Haskoning Company.

  • Chiline Company.

  • Daewon Contractor Office.

  • MSA Company.

  • Rostaing VN Company.

  • Rostaing Technic.

  • Vi Hao Company.

  • Zenith Label VN Company.

  • Tung Yang Company.

  • Saigon Exhibition & Convention Joint Venture Company.

  1. Credit institutions:

  • Dong A Bank.

  • Saigon Bank.

  • Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank.

  • Vietnam Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank.

  • Nam Viet Bank.

  • Pacific Bank.

  1. Securities companies and companies issuing stocks in the stock market:

  • Aquaculture Company No.40.

  • Bao Viet Securities Company – HCMC Branch.

  • Ho Chi Minh City Securities Company.

  • Transimex Company.

  • Sacombank Securities Company.

  • Vinashin Petroleum Investment and Transport Joint Stock Company.

  • Cotec Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (Cotecin)

  • Saigon Fishing Net Joint Stock Company.

  • VTC Telecommunications Joint Stock Company.

  • Construction No.05 Joint Stock Company.

  • Safi Transportation Agency.

  • Full Power Joint Stock Company.

  • Agricultural and Pharmaceutical II Company.

  • Orient Securities Joint Stock Company.

  • Vinasun

    4. Some typical projects, works conducted by Aisc:

  • Residential area for Lease Garden View Court at 101 Nguyen Du, Dist.1 (Group A).

  • Park Hyatt-Grand Imperial Hotel (Group A).

  • Projects of roads, schools in Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hue…. funded by EU (Group A).

  • INDOCHINE Office Building Joint –Ventures (Group A).

  • Foodceter Commercial and Restaurant Centre at 393 Tran Hung Dao Str.

  • Some works in Tan Thuan Processing Zone, Linh Trung Processing Zone, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Tan Binh Industrial Park.

  • Plants of Vinh Dai Company.

  • Catinat Fashion Shop at 2.4.6 Dong Khoi Str., Dist.1.

  • Plants of Toung Loong Textiles – Viet Huong Industrial Park.

  • Plants of Chiline Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd – Ho Nai Industrial Park 3.

  • Jon Yei Electric (VN) Co., Ltd.

  • Heifer program.

  • Project of enhancing qualification for the Environment and Resources Institution.

  • Project of financing equipment’s acquisition for improving environment in the program for development of private area.

  • Project of constructing Hope Vocational Training School.

  • ………..

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